Who says you can’t savor delicious, authentic, rustic, and ethnic foods locally like a seasoned tourist from overseas? You have access to a diverse range of cuisines at your fingertips.Libertyville has almost two dozen authentic, one-of-a-kind Mexican restaurants and taquerias! 

Tacos are a trendy food many people enjoy—how could you not? They have the ideal amount of crunch, spice, salt, and gooey melted cheese. With far more than simply tacos on the menu, most taquerias and restaurants serve food prepared using genuine family recipes and a fusion of regional cuisines! Discover where to find the most mouthwatering tacos in Libertyville.

Milwalky Taco

Tacos, tequila, and whiskey are the main obsessions of this bustling downtown restaurant. Milwalky Taco offers a wide range of tacos, handmade tortillas filled with fire-grilled meats, fresh veggies, and homemade salsas. Their menu, which is Mexican in origin, combines traditional methods with contemporary creativity, piling crispy pork belly, pastor, and brisket, among other fresh ingredients, to make the best tacos and tortillas.

Additionally, the menu is quite varied, with plenty of alternatives for vegetarians among its surprisingly simple selection of tacos. Milwalky Taco is an excellent option for a reasonably priced (and delicious) restaurant that adds urban flair to the suburbs. You should definitely tryone of their Taco Tuesdays.

Maya’s Restaurant

Maya’s chefs make everything from scratch and offer an extensive menu of authentic Mexican cuisine in a laid-back, kid-friendly atmosphere. Whatever the occasion, they will treat you to a cultural and gastronomic excursion you will never forget. So take a seat back, unwind, and enjoy the ride. The chefs are experts in creating delicious, freshly prepared, genuine Mexican cuisine using family-inherited recipes and culinary techniques. From tacos to quesadillas, nachos to burritos, they have it all. You will also find vegetarian alternatives available, and the restaurant’s margaritas are renowned! Take out or eat in to enjoy the authentic Mexican flavor of tacos at the Maya’s restaurant.

Las Monarcas Mexican Restaurant

You can taste the flavor of freshly made tortillas, tacos, tortas, gorditas, burritos, Mexican cuisine, and much more in the Las Monarcas Mexican restaurant. This is an excellent, family-run restaurant in a beautiful neighborhood that is somewhat hidden but well worth the try! Superb cuisine and friendly, helpful, and kind people make up the place. All other concerns will fade when you bite into a freshly baked corn tortilla. Every taco is better with these tortillas.  Enchiladas and gorditas are also excellent. 

Qdoba Mexican Grill

Qdoba Mexican Grillis one of the best Mexican restaurants in town. After tasting the Quesobirria tacos, you’ll agree that they are the best you’ve ever had after just one mouthful.They are very, very tasty. Desserts are also among the many options available at this adorable eatery. 

The Board Room 

Located in a quiet area of Libertyville, The Board Room is the most alluring dining destination on the North Shore, offering a socially elegant ambiance with shared appetizers, specialty drinks, and an award-winning wine list. You will enjoy freshly made tacos and a mix of small plates with excellent cheese and charcuterie platters. They also serve fantastic bread, crackers, and a nice assortment of meats and cheeses.

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