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Invest Smart in Fintech Companies for Securing Reliable Profits –

Wondering where to put your money this season? Put it in a fintech company. Investing in new companies that show good growth rate is the best way to protect your wealth. We have a number of financial advisory companies that provide this service. You can check with them and then make the investment. Here is a look at the best fintech companies in Switzerland. Switzerland is one the world’s most advanced economies in the world. Banking and tourism are the primary sectors of focus of the people there.

Cryptocurrencies show the way –

Trading cryptocurrencies is now fashionable because it produces much money. But, if you use a third party service for converting money, we lose money in the process. One way to get around this is to use Bancor Protocol. This is a service that allows you to trade in the ERC20 tokens and convert them among themselves without the need for an external agency. It uses what are known as connector modules. These modules hold balances in a smart contract. Because of this ability to convert tokens without the need to match any two parties, this protocol is revolutionary. Bancor is one of the new Fintech companies in Switzerland that is providing investors with a new avenue for investment. They received a funding of $152.34 million so far.

Strong online platform –

The other main area of interest for people interested in markets and online dealings is having a crypto wallet. BRD is a fintech startup in Switzerland that plans to give people a mobile crypto wallet. It is different from other wallets because here you can hold your funds. The founders claim that BRD was the first bitcoin wallet on App Store. It has 1.1 million users in 170 countries. They raised money through presale of tokens for $12 million and crowdfund for $20 million. It helps you send money globally as easy as sending an email.

The shift of interest from traditional brick-and-mortar banks to digital transactions has raised the need for banking software that works efficiently. Avaloq is a provider of software as a service in this line and have raised 350 million CHF in March 2017. Its overall value stands at over 1 billion CHF. It also provides business processes as a service for wealth managers and banks. Avaloq has an additional foothold of 10% in Metaco blockchain. It is one of the new funded Fintech companies in Switzerland.

Public financial operations –

If one needs a public and open source operating system one can opt for Ethereum. This is a blockchain based computing platform that offers smart contract functionality. The cryptocurrency used here is Ether. Ethereum had its ICO in 2014 and raised $18.4 million. For smart behavioral methodology and good analysis you could choose the regtech company NetGuardians.

You can use this to keep control over your financial operations. It helps control data leaks by quickly identifying atypical activity. This alerts its clients of potential internal frauds. They have received 14 million CHF in funding so far. They launched their Asia Pacific headquarters in 2018. Their technology is effective and reliable.

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