The best time of our life is a vacation, the most intriguing times of one’s lifetime. We always want to have better trips than others. One destination which is the part of every Indian’s bucket list is manali. A favourite destination for family vacation. Being a popular hill resort, manali is on the top of the list of many travellers, the reason being easily accessible, developed infrastructure, attractive tourist spots and salubrious climate.

Plan organized trip by pre-booking your train tickets and hotel and the guide so that no problem is up to you when you reach the destination. This is necessary because sometimes those two can ruin your whole trip. Find a good hotel that isn’t too expensive and is located near many attractions such as the main market of manali.

 Learn about the place, as there might be some beautiful things that you don’t know about manali. Manali is full of pretty destinations that you need to explore. Make sure you know about all things you need to do in manali to make your trip complete. Read about traditional clothing, tipping, laws, weather and climate forecast, and much more. Carry things accordingly. Most importantly Check the forecast to see what the weather will be like as manali is at height and might have natural disasters or conflicts that might arise soon.

Don’t be unwilling to try something new and unexpected as manali is full of surprises. Just break the boundary that you made for yourself.  It could be something as big as deciding to river rafting or something small like trying out some of the new food. It’s important to plan but don’t be afraid that might ruin something or go off-schedule. Either way, you’ll have something different to try and tell your friends and family once you finish doing it. Make yourself some quality time to do whatever you want and embrace doing it. If you find yourself not liking your visit to a place, you are free to leave and don’t hesitate to do it. Try to be at all kinds of distinct spots, not just famous tourist traps. Just doesn’t mess the trip by thinking to cover everything rather wherever you visit you should feel the worth of that place.

Take pictures and videos to capture the moment and scenic beauty of manali but keep that aside for a while just to enjoy the present instead of taking pictures of the moment you weren’t in future. Sometimes we don’t realize how joyful and carefree we really were until we are away from that feeling and place. Recognize those special times and appreciate them; don’t let any of your desires or tensions blocks your way. Don’t judge the trip or give any kind of grades until it’s over just enjoy every second of it as those days won’t be coming back.

Just be calm and enjoy nature!

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