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Hitting the High Seas: A Travel Lover’s Guide to the Best Cruise Lines

Did you know that in 2017, over 25 million people went on a cruise? If you are looking to go on your first cruise but are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of your options, we are here to help. Keep reading to learn the best cruise lines out there to help you choose the right cruise for you.

1. Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean International is a cruise line that many people rave about not only because of their ships but also their customer service. They have 24 ships to choose from and have over 280 destinations across 71 countries.

You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a cruise stateroom that is perfect for your travel needs as well. Whether you are traveling with kids or solo there are plenty of onboard amenities catering to cruisers of all ages. Keep in mind that not all of the amenities and restaurants are covered, sometimes you will have to pay extra for certain upgrades.

2. Norweigan Cruise Line

If you prefer to have freedom when it comes to your dining time then you will enjoy the Norweigan itinerary. Unlike most ships, you do not have to choose what time you have dinner every day. Instead, they have what’s called freestyle dining, where you have certain evening hours to show up to any of the restaurants to enjoy your dinner.

They have plenty of dinner options to choose from including French-style bistro to Japanese cuisine. Norweigan has a smaller fleet of boats (17 ships) but they have plenty of destinations to choose from such as Asia, South America, Hawaii, Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe just to name a few.

3. Princess Cruises

If you are familiar with “The Love Boat” this is when Princess Cruises became popular. There are 18 ships to choose from departing from all over the United States. They have short cruises and up to 111-day cruises.

One of the pros of Princess Cruises is that they are very wheelchair-accessible. They have plenty of cabins that accommodate wheelchairs and they have special features such as lower closet railings and accommodating bath features.

4. Carnival Cruises

This cruise line is known for having the best prices around. They do have cheaper prices but keep in mind that some of their ships are not as upgraded as the other cruise lines on our list.

There are plenty of ships to choose from and they depart from plenty of major cities across the United States.

Which of These Best Cruise Lines Will You Choose?

Now that you know the top best cruise lines available, we hope that you can make an informed decision. Once you find the perfect cruise for you – Bon Voyage! Make sure to enjoy your trip to the max.

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