Going Camping? Here’s How to Start a Fire in 5 Simple Steps

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were about 1.3 million fires in 2019. These fires caused the deaths of 3,700 people and injured another 16,600 people. There was a fire in the United States every 24 seconds in 2019.

If you want to start a fire at a campsite, it’s crucial to know how to do it to avoid any danger, keep reading to find out how.

1. It’s All About Finding the Perfect Spot

The first step in starting a fire is finding the perfect spot. A campsite has designated areas with fire rings so you can start your fire safely.

If you aren’t at a campsite you should look for an area with no grass or away from plants and trees. You should be able to make your own fire ring using rocks or stones, make sure to lay them out in a circle.

Check the weather beforehand as heat and wind might make starting a fire more dangerous, campsites will usually post alerts when this is the case.

2. Collect the Materials You’ll Need

When starting a campfire, you should collect all the necessary materials beforehand.

You’ll need tinder, like leaves and pine needles, as this will ignite pretty quickly with a match. Kindling is next on the list; these small sticks help the fire expand.

You’ll also need logs to keep your fire burning longer. These should be dead as branches cut from a tree won’t light up your fire as quickly or efficiently.

3. Create the Shape of Your Campfire

The next step when starting a bonfire is to create the shape you want with the logs and materials you’ve collected. There are different ways to build a bonfire but the most common are the cone and the pyramid.

The cone requires some of the tinder and kindling placed in the center of the fire ring and standing the logs up against each other. The pyramid shape requires that you lay the largest logs on the bottom and work your way up by size, you’ll place the tinder and kindling on top of the logs.

4. It’s Time to Light It up

The next step in fire starting is lighting the fire. Light the tinder first making sure that children and pets are far away. You’ll add the logs as needed to build your fire and keep it going for longer.

You shouldn’t let the flames get too high to avoid any danger but keep a fire extinguisher close by for safety. Once you have the fire going you can use your Kelly Kettle tools to make a delicious meal over the fire.

5. Make Sure to Extinguish the Fire

The most important tips for starting a fire include knowing how to extinguish it after the night’s over. The best way to do so is pouring a bit of water over the embers and stirring as the fire and heat die down.

Learn How to Start a Fire

If you’re new to camping, you’ll want to learn how to start a fire. Follow the tips listed above and you’ll be a pro in no time. Make sure to check out our other blogs to learn more.

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