Discover Vacation Photo Tips and Get Great Vacation Pictures Every Time

Turn your good vacation photos into great holiday photos by learning a few simple tips for your holiday photos.

Be ready

  1. There is no worse photo error than not having enough memory and batteries for every photographic holiday. Get double the memory and batteries you think you need. Or get vacation photographer   help.
  2. Know your camera. Make sure you understand the various camera features and settings to use. Do not wait to go on vacation to know how your camera works. Test your camera in advance and critique your photos.
  3. Learn some tips on composing photos on a digital photography information site. Understanding some techniques, such as the rule of thirds and diagonal lines, will make a big difference in your photography.
  4. Go to your destination on the web before you leave. In other words, do a little web search to get some early ideas about what you want to shoot.

Have a backup plan

  1. Have a system to save your photos. It would be a tragedy to lose or accidentally erase your precious memories.
  2. Some people plan ahead and use Internet access at locations during their vacation. This avoids having to carry your laptop with you. You can use the online backup services or download it on your own website, as appropriate.
  3. A third option is to take a portable Hyper Drive memory card reader. They are currently selling for a few hundred dollars. They are the size of a cell phone, a ton of memory and the memory cards of your camera fit perfectly for a quick and easy download.

Tell a story

This is one of the most overlooked vacation tips. Start with the idea that you are telling a story. Start by preparing and some photos of your match.

Take some mundane photos while traveling, including plaques, photos of your hotel, camping or transportation. These are interesting to use when moving from one place to another or from one activity to another.

Include people in your vacation photos. It could be people with whom you are traveling or people involved in your photo that you do not know. Ask their permission first to be photographed.

Establishing good eye contact and having a friendly smile does wonder for getting permission. You should be respected when photographing people you do not know.

Take photos where people are the main subject of your photo. Also, take somewhere the main subject is the landscape and people just add a bit of human visual interest.

Make a good variety. Take close-ups and distant views. Take your photos at different times of the day. Change your angle when shooting a subject. Move in or out. Move left or right. If you want more ideas to take better photos before your vacation, visit the websites that offer photography tips.

Keep a diary

  1. Keep a small notebook to record some details of your photo. This should include the obvious time, date, and location.
  2. The diary of your vacation photos should also include some notes about your experience when the photo was taken. What struck you when you decided to take the picture? You can include some technical notes, such as camera settings, depending on the lighting conditions.
  3. Your note will not only help you remember your moments of pleasure but will also be a great addition to your photos when you return home. You can add notes to your photo album or slideshow.


Do not let photography become so important that it spoils your enjoyment. Holidays should be fun, as should your photos. Avoid some photo mistakes by getting ready in advance. You can still get some bad holiday photos. But you can edit them later and you’ll get great holiday photos.

Give yourself a goal of having fun learning to take better pictures. Your vacation should be fun. By learning some vacation photo tips, you’ll have great times during and after your vacation or by using the vacation photographer.

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