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Are criminal background checks actually necessary?

Let’s start with some cold hard facts. Around 10 percent of job applicants have some sort of criminal record (whether they are spent or unspent records). A background check can prevent crime and negative incidents from occurring at the place of work.

It can be considered that there are a number of factors for workplaces to conduct a pre-employment background check before a new hire commences their job role.

 An example of this may include a police check or in some cases a working with children check.

For a number of background checks like criminal background checks, they have the potential to detail an applicant’s history like disclosable court outcomes. The offences released will generally depend on the applicant’s proposed level of contact with vulnerable people.

These enable workplaces to consider candidates with a criminal past, in particular if the candidate will have access to children or vulnerable persons in the community.

Background checks being conducted

Most background check services conduct history checks on a national level. For example, in the AU, a police check QLD or police check Victoria is actually the same type of check as a national police check.

A number of background check agencies can perform credit checks like a bankruptcy check, and further verify if an applicant has work rights from the immigration department.

Some history check services may also verify employment credential’s, including the new applicants employment history, dates of the employment that is stated in the CV, job duties that were performed and other items relevant to the role. An applicant’s educational history is also possible to be verified, therefore ensuring a company is taking on an applicant that is fit for the job role.

Safeguard and insure the reputation of the organisation

Background checks in the pre-employment stage will bring a good return on investment in the long run. An example of a thorough pre-employment screening process may include an employment credential check, verification of qualifications, or a national police certificate.

This can be attributed to lowering total costs by preventing lawsuits against the workplace that may stem from worker actions, high turnover, and possibly bad press.

Planning to take on new workers or contractors? We would encourage that you at least consider the ups and downs of pre-employment background checks.

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