A Quick Grand Canyon Guide for Newbie Travelers

The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is simply one of the spectacular tourist destinations in the United States. The iconic and picturesque view of the site is one of the reasons why it is flocked by millions of tourists every year. In fact, according to records, more than four million tourists visit the Grand Canyon every year.

If you are one of the millions of people who want to witness the breathtaking view of the canyon, then you should prepare yourself beforehand. The key to fully enjoying your trip to the Grand Canyon is to have everything ready, most especially if you are travelling from another country.

Going to the Grand Canyon

If you are travelling from another state or country, then you would want to take a flight going to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas or the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. If you are going to the park from Phoenix, it will take you around 4 to 4 ½ hours. Although the trip is quite long, you may not feel tired or exhausted as the view on the travel is a beauty.

You can reach the Grand Canyon from Phoenix by either joining a group tour or by renting a car. If you are the type of traveler who wants to enjoy the trip without having to join a group of strangers, renting a car is perfect. It is also advisable if you are with a companion or with your family. There are many car rental companies based in Phoenix and Las Vegas so you will not have a hard time looking for one. For a more memorable experience, you may want to consider hopping on a vintage bus hire so you can travel in style and in the best nostalgic way!

Arriving at and entering the Grand Canyon

When you arrive at the National Park, prepare $25 which you will use to pay for vehicle pass. Since May 2006, the park requires $25 per vehicle, which covers everyone in the car. The receipt that you will receive is good for seven days. However, this rate can even go lower if you have any of these passes: Golden Eagle (general annual pass), Golden Age (for visitors aged 62 and older), and Golden Access (for visitors with disabilities).

After paying for the entrance fee at the park, you will get a receipt, Grand Canyon brochure, visitors’ guide with information about parking lots, bus routes, and South Rim viewpoints. Once you are inside the park, you can either use your vehicle to go to different viewpoints and walk to nearby spots, or you may take the shuttle bus. You should expect that many tourists are flocking in the first point at the Visitor Center.

Preparations to be made

Now that you have a general outlook on how is it like to go to the Grand Canyon, you should now review the things you must prepare beforehand. The following are some of the factors you should consider before you go to your travel:

Transportation – Decide whether to join a touring group or to rent a car—or even a vintage bus hire. If you want to have the opportunity to travel without thinking about the time, you would want to go for a car rental. You can also get cheap rates from companies that offer promos and discounts. For your reference, you may visit a website that compares the prices and deals offered by different car rental companies.

Hotel and restaurant reservation – The park’s El Tovar Hotel is a must-visit restaurant and hotel being the most popular restaurant in the Grand Canyon. If you want to eat here, you should book in advance. There are also several hotels in the canyon, which would also require you to book in advance.

Air travel – In order to avoid the rush, you would want to book your plane tickets in advance. First, decide where to land; you can choose from McCarran International or the Sky Harbor International.

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