7 Tips to choose safe and hygienic hotels on your Char Dham Yatra

Char Dham Yatra is a memorable journey for anyone who is in search of god or in search of peace. It is just a must do journey for every pilgrim around India because many say after this journey a person reborn and restarts his further life ahead.

But this memorable journey can sometimes gets tarnished because of bad quality of accommodation which can be anything from being an unsafe hotel or a dirty washroom. 

To cope with this problem here you have been served with 7 great tips you should keep in mind while choosing a hotel during Char Dham Yatra.

1.   Do your Homework!

Always check Hotel’s rating online. Websites like TripAdvisor or have a customer ratings divided into different sections like cleanliness, amenities or safety. So checking on the online websites you will get to read reviews for about people with different priorities thus you have a chance of hearing from broader audience.

There is a better option you can book your trip from a reliable tour operator of Char Dham Yatra they provide the safest and most hygienic accommodation for you.

       2. Directly calling the owners

There is no problem in asking some questions before hand to the owners of the hotels.                  Just be polite and ask the required questions and you will get your doubts cleared about the hotels.

       3. Ask the locals

When you arrive at your hotel before checking in ask the local people around the hotel they will tell you about the most honest review about any safety incident which has happened around the area or in the Hotels.

       4. Ask previous visitors

Contact your friends or families about where they stayed before and if that hotel was safe and hygienic. Ask for their suggestions also that where they will advise for you to stay.

       5. Check the rooms before checking in

First of all there is nothing rude in asking hostel owners to see your room before checking in because its your priority of having a hygienic room and you don’t want to be left disappointed during your trip.

       6. Be Judgemental

This might be the controversial one but yeah you need to be Judgemental when talking to Hotel owners and staff if you want sure about your decision because more than your moral your saftey is more important.

       7. Be responsible for yourself

The most important of all is to be responsible about yourself because you don’t know about a new city right now. So you can’t move around at 12 o’ clock in night you don’t what will happen at your next step wit no one around you to help.

So by keeping above tips in mind choose your next hotel in your Char Dham Yatra to have a mesmerizing experience as you promised yourself to have.

If you are still confused about which hotels to choose from below we have attached some of the safest and hygienic hotels on your Char Dham Yatra

Choice Of Hotels / Similar
Destinations Deluxe Super Deluxe  
Haridwar The Urmi Regenta Orko’s  
Barkot Riya Residency Camp Nirwana  
Uttarkashi Him Ganga Hotel Shivlinga  
Guptkashi Hotel Dev Dham Camp Nirwana  
Badrinath Parmarth Lok Hotel Himgiri  
Rudarparyag Pushpdeep Grand Shangrila Resort  

With above hotels we have given you the best of the bunch to choose from.

Book them right away with no hesitation and be tension free on your Char Dham Yatra.          


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