6 Best Tourist Attractions in Haiti

If you are new to Haiti, then get acquainted with all the attractions the city houses. With land within a Caribbean Island, is home to several beautiful beaches, along with lush rainforests. Learn about the rich culture, along with mesmerizing landscapes that vary greatly from mountains to plains, coastal lowlands to valleys of coffee plantations.

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1.Citadelle Laferrière

Fort is one of the most charming stations to stop by. One of them is the Citadelle Laferriere located in Haiti’s capital city of Port-au-Prince. Fort has a massive fortress that was originally built to protect Haitian slaves from France. The fort was made to protect any future rebellions. 


Longing for some peaceful areas in Haiti to relax, then visit the Labadee. Away from city hustle and bustle, visit this beach resort near Cap-Haitien in Haiti. This beach is located on the Atlantic coast developed by Royal Caribbean Cruises. The beach has been operated solely by them since 1997. There are shops, restaurants, and beaches with water sports facilities available for guests.

3. Kokoye Beach

Dive into Kokoye Beach which is a very nice beach and well worth the trip. With white sand enjoy a swim off the rocks just offshore. Beach has plenty of shade to escape from the sun if it gets too hot or too intense for your skin type. Right from restaurants, the beach offers fresh seafood and plenty of coconut trees dotting the landscape. 


Watch this colonial architecture, in the city that has been preserved Creole houses. There are decorative wrought iron balconies and plazas for everyone where people sit to chat. You can enjoy yourself here on holiday by exploring more remote areas of the country.

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5. Sans Souci Palace

Those searching for locals and organic stuff must visit the Sans Souci Palace. This palace in Pétion-Ville, Haiti makes a perfect visit to know where the Haitian emperor Henri Christophe lived. Being built by Henri’s imagination, this palace got completed as his summer residence on June 16, 1818. Here, you will find many agricultural functions crops like cotton or processed locally into cloth, a fruit orchard with citrus trees imported from Lebanon.

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Jacmel is located on the southern coast of Haiti. This attraction is Haiti’s second largest city making it a popular destination for travelers. Plan a trip to explore Jacmel as they walk through its small streets or take in a local dance show at one of the many cultural centers. 

Grab the highest point in Jacmel which is Fort Jacques where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of this quaint town with Spirit Airlines Manage Booking.

7.Wahoo Beach

If you are a water baby, then rush to this largest and most popular beach in Haiti. Come to Wahoo Beach, which is a great place for people of all ages to enjoy. You will get a heavy undertow that makes swimming difficult for inexperienced swimmers. So, those who are beginners must take a lifeguard’s advice before venturing into the water. 

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