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5 Best Technology Museums in the World

In the modern world, technology is quite a force to be reckoned with. In the 21st century, we have made technological developments that would have been unthinkable in the past. However, have these developments been documented? Do we have a proof of this legacy? Yes, some of the best proofs of mankind’s developments can be seen in some of the incredible technology museums in the world.

Here is the list of the best technology science museums in the world.

  1. Museum of Science + Industry, Chicago, USA

Museum of Science + Industry in Chicago, USA easily ranks among the best science museums in the world. It provides a number of lessons related to the relationship between science and technology through its Omnimax theatre, as well as through its numerous temporary and permanent exhibits. Some of the highlights which would be interesting viewing for both adults and children include Pioneer Zephyr-an interactive coal mine diorama, farm technology, a replica of the Wright brothers’ plane and plenty more. It also offers a wide range of science and technology related activities that the visitors can take part in.

  1. Computer history museum, California, USA

Here is a museum that is sure to excite all computer geeks. It hosts one of the world’s largest collections of relevant memorabilia. You can take a deep dive into the history of computing technology, and follow its fascinating evolution. There are also temporary as well as permanent exhibitions on everything, from microprocessors to internet phenomena. There are also a number of interesting online activities offered by the museum.

  1. Miraikan, Tokyo, Japan

The future can prove to be a fascinating time, and the Miraikan museum, Tokyo would offer a glimpse into just that. It allows you to look at the past and the present, in order to envision a possible future. There are a number of permanent exhibits that showcase the life and earth sciences, as well as the innovation and development of technology. There is a special focus on the engineering and innovation that comes along with them. There are also a number of special events, with speakers all over the world attending. Definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in Japan.

  1. The Exploratium, San Francisco, USA

The Exploratium is a perfect place to visit of you is into science and technology. It offers an extensive coverage of the aerospace industry and materials. It also allows an extensive look into culture and art as well as the sciences, with an emphasis on innovation and engineering. Even if you are unable to travel to San Francisco, you can experience some of the intrigue through the museum’s official website.  Besides this you may also interested in Tallest Buildings in the World

  1. Imperial War Museum, London, UK

The Imperial War museum is a must visit place for technology geeks who also have an affinity for weapons and transportation. War machines from various places and times are on display. Visitors gain valuable insight into the scientific, technological, social, historical and economic factors of war. There are also three satellite locations in Belfast, Manchester and Duxford where this museum extends to.

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